Welcome to the Anglican Chaplaincy in Malta and Gozo. Ever since St Paul brought the Gospel message to these wonderful islands there has been a vibrant Christian community here. We are privileged to be part of that, and whilst we are two worshipping communities on two islands, together we form one united part of God’s wider family. We also have a sister Chaplaincy in Sliema. St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral stands proudly on the iconic Valletta skyline, pointing both to God’s enduring presence amongst us and to his continued worship in this place. Built by the British in Victorian times, it is now home to a diverse, welcoming congregation and is also a popular destination for visitors. It is open daily, and we always encourage those who visit us to make time to pause, pray and sense the presence of God in this sacred place. Here, history and faith go hand in hand. Worship takes place on Sundays and regularly throughout the week. The congregation of Our Lady and St George in Gozo is a model of the warm ecumenical co-operation which exists in the Maltese Islands, as we worship in the Chapel of the Sacred Heart Catholic Seminary in Rabat. We meet on Wednesdays and are a mixed and friendly group of people. The worship of both congregations is centred on the Holy Eucharist, follows the Church of England Common Worship (modern language) format, and is in English. Whether you are a resident of the Maltese Islands or are visiting us, please know that a warm welcome awaits you in both congregations. You will find details of our service times and ways to contact us elsewhere on this website. We look forward to meeting you and worshipping with you.

Fr. David Wright


“Serving God and the community – An Anglican presence on the Islands of Malta and Gozo”


> We believe that the Churches mission, in obedience to Holy Scripture is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus in every generation.
> We believe that the celebration of Mass (Holy Communion) is central to our practice of faith as given in the Gospel.
> We believe that all people are created equal in God’s image and that discrimination of any kind is wrong. (Race, sexuality, gender, disability, economic circumstance)
> We believe that faith is nurtured in welcoming (inclusive and safe) communities (taught)
> We believe that our focus should be outward looking (as well as inward)
> We believe that we have responsibility for the care of Gods earth.


We would like to remind you that within our Chaplaincy we take Safeguarding very seriously. The Safeguarding Officer is Mrs Susan Warner and she may be contacted if you have any concerns about the safeguarding of a child or vulnerable adult.

Email: safeguardingmaltagozo@gmail.com
Tel: 00356 79233273



We depend entirely on donations since we do not charge any entrance fee. Your donation helps us with the upkeep and running of the Cathedral.

Donations can be made via PayPal or by cheque.

Cheques (in Sterling or Euro) can be sent to The Treasurer, at St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral, Independence Square, Valletta VLT 1535, Malta. Kindly make them payable to: The Anglican Chaplaincy in Malta and Gozo.

Every contribution is received with grateful thanks.
Bless you.


  • Chancellor: Fr. David Wright
  • Reader: Mr Michael Collins
  • Church Wardens: Mrs Bernice Caruana, Mr Simon Walker
  • Chaplaincy Council Secretary: Mrs Barbara Day
  • Chaplaincy Treasurer: Mrs Bernice Caruana
  • Cathedral Friends Secretary: Mr Simon Walker


St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral in Valletta and the congregation of Our Lady and St George in Victoria Gozo are Anglicanism’s expression in the Maltese archipelago. We are part of the Diocese in Europe, which is the most recently created of the forty-four dioceses of the Church of England. As the Anglican Church in Malta and Gozo we exist primarily to serve members not only of the Church of England but also of the rest of the Anglican Communion. We welcome English speaking Christians of other denominations. We have members of the Church who are Maltese and from other countries often here whilst working, studying, or on holiday.