The entrance to the Cathedral is on West Street, Valletta, to the right of the steps leading to the Marxamxett Harbour and Sliema Ferry. You will see welcoming signs on the steps leading to the entrance porch. Once inside the Cathedral you can choose to use the Audio Guide (download Cathedral App) or help yourself to a Visitor Guide available in all the main languages. Use them to follow the numbered signs which you will see positioned around the Cathedral before you exit at the same door and carry on down to the Visitor Centre on the Marxamxett steps.

Entry into the Cathedral is free of charge. However, we ask you to make a small donation for any photographs you take. Your contribution will go directly into maintaining this historic building. If you use the Cathedral App please ask for the earphones which we will make available for a small charge. You are visiting a church which is a place of quiet, prayer and reflection. The Cathedral and Valletta much appreciate your time in our World Heritage capital city. This is a very welcoming and friendly community who want you to get to know us and our way  of life during your holiday here.


For those of us who cannot travel during this challenging time due to Covid19, we have ‘opened the doors’ for you to enjoy a virtual guided tour of St Paul’s Pro Cathedral.  View the introductory video clip below and then proceed to viewing the 12 short virtual guide videos. Welcome to St Paul’s Pro Cathedral.


01. The Altar

02. The Bishop's Throne

03. The Memorial Panel

04. Artifacts from the Foundation of the Cathedral

05. History Panels

06. The Baptismal Font

07. Exhibits from recent history

08. Royal Air Force Flag

09. The Lady Chapel

10. The Organ

11. Coat of Arms of Queen Adelaide

12. The Tower, the Spire and the Bells


The Virtual Tour is supported by:


We depend entirely on donations since we do not charge any entrance fee. Your donation helps us with the upkeep and running of the Cathedral.
Every contribution is received with grateful thanks.


Click on the following links to be able to download the St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral app.