Many aspects of Cathedral life are enhanced by the work of volunteers, who possess and bring to the Cathedral a vast wealth of talent, time and enthusiasm. Volunteer opportunities exist for a variety of time commitments, from projects to ongoing weekly or monthly service.

As a first point of contact for guests and visitors to St Paul’s Pro Cathedral, volunteers will help guests and visitors orient themselves to the Cathedral. As a volunteer you will usher and guide visitors and guests to St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral, famous for its iconic spire which is a landmark in Valletta’s skyline.

The volunteer’s role is to greet and welcome visitors to step inside and enjoy the Cathedral’s interior, to visit the Cathedral’s Undercroft and learn about its rich history. With its doors open to everyone, St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral’s welcomes visitors during the day from 10.00 am to 4.00pm, hosts concerts, exhibitions and performances. As a first point of contact for visitors and guests, volunteers must be familiar with and enthusiastic about the Cathedral’s mission and its programs, helping visitors and guests orient themselves to St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral.

Volunteering at St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral provides a great opportunity to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and to promote the Cathedral as a friendly, inviting and accessible place.




We are recruiting volunteers to serve as Greeters. As Greeters at The St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral, volunteers are responsible for making everyone who visits The Cathedral feel welcome, valued and respected.


We are recruiting volunteers to serve as Promoters. As Promoters at The St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral, volunteers are responsible for engaging with the both locals and foreigners in an authentic and passionate fashion that leads the audience to visit The Cathedral.

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Volunteers are required from Monday to Sunday for a minimum of 2 hours per shift. (Extra hours can be discussed during an interview) Please contact us for more details +356 79059215 / 79027807