Do you have a memory of an important event in your life relating to the cathedral? Send us a short description and we’ll publish a selection of your responses in future newsletters. Our first contribution is from Commander David Joel RN, who sent a donation his memories of many visits to the island in peace and war and the friendships formed both on board and on shore with the Maltese.

Here are a few excerpts from Commander Joel’s letter :

“  There are so many good causes that need help and Malta is one of them.  I first went there in 1946 and have never seen such destruction, much more than in the UK and it must have shaken the cathedral in its foundations.  To get to it you had to climb over mountains of broken buildings – no traffic was possible in Kingsway!

“ My next ship was the wonderful cruiser Ajax with a gunroom of up to eight midshipmen,  she of the Battle of the River Plate.  We had Maltese cooks and stewards who were all great friends for us.  We even learned to speak Maltese, which was useful.

“ I had 24 ships in all of which 14 visited Malta, so it was a home for us, with many loyal friends.”

Send your memories – one or two paragraphs only please since space is limited – to: Christopher Wicker