Dear Friends and Supporters,

Since the last Newsletter we have been pressing ahead with our efforts to get restoration work on the cathedral started. You may recall the good news that we had available to us 4.2 million euros from EU funding which (together with 1.05 million euros we are obliged to contribute as our co-financing to the project) would give us 5.25 million euros in total – a considerable boost towards reaching the 8.6 million euros we estimate is needed to complete the whole project. We decided that for planning purposes we would use the 5.25 million euros in two ways – by allocating 2.5 million euros towards the restoration of the tower/spire. – and the balance of about 2.7 million euros in addressing the physical deterioration of the fabric of the church. We accepted that the restoration of the roof/ceiling (at an estimated cost of about 3.6 million euros)would depend on whether the government would be able to give us further EU money as a result of an underspend elsewhere in government EU infrastructure funding. Since that meeting 6 months ago, we have been actively engaged on several fronts. Our architects, Architecture Project, and their team of experts, have been drawing up the contract for the letting of the tower tender. That was tendered for the first time in the Spring. Disappointingly, the two bids submitted failed because they were non-compliant, so we immediately embarked on re-issuing the tenders, with the same two companies being asked to re-submit their bids. Those bids are now in and we are currently studying the outcome and the prognosis for the future.

Now we are at the point where those new bids for the project on the tower are in the process of being analysed and adjudicated. The complexity of drawing up those tenders – especially as they affect the construction of scaffolding round the tower/spire up to a height of 200 feet (exceptional in Malta) – has been highly challenging. The detailed analysis of the subsequent bids has meant a huge amount of really detailed work and extremely careful judgement. Architecture Project and their team of experts as our advisers on EU funding have been absolutely dedicated to finding solutions to an extraordinarily demanding project. We are now waiting with bated breath to see if, and when, work on site can begin. In parallel, our architects have been carrying out further comprehensive tests of the fabric of the church with a view to advising us which parts of the structure need to be restored within the money available to us.

His Excellency, Dr George Vella, The President of Malta

It is a great honour to announce that His Excellency, Dr George Abela, The President of Malta, has kindly consented to be the Principal Patron of the Save Valletta Skyline Restoration Appeal in succession to Her Excellency, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca. Dr Vella said: “May I say that it would be an honor and a pleasure for me to be associated with the much needed restoration appeal of this iconic and historical building in the capacity you so kindly proposed. I consider this to be a very worthy cause, and augur that the appeal will find the funds necessary to salvage this architectural gem”.

His Royal Highness, the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

With great pleasure we can announce that His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, who has been the Patron of the Friends of St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral for 55 years, has kindly donated a most generous sum to the Save Valletta Skyline Restoration Appeal.

The Save Valletta Skyline Restoration Appeal

We have reported above the huge contribution of 4.2 million euros which has been made available to The Restoration Appeal through European Union Infrastructure Funding. This has been a marvellous fillip to our Appeal and it has enabled us to get going with the vital restoration project.

But, as you will be aware, part of the deal with the EU is that it is our responsibility to find 20% of whatever it has contributed. Thus, 4.2 million euros requires us to find 1.02 million euros for what is known as co-financing. Although up to the turn of this year we had raised over 1 million euros through the generosity of major donors and charities in Malta and Britain – to whom we are enormously grateful – that sum is inevitably being reduced as the restoration process gets under way.

An important element of this has been the vital need to find out precisely what major structural elements in the cathedral – especially those affecting the stability of the tower/spire – require urgent attention. Professional fees and technical tests have placed considerable demands on our resources.

It is therefore essential that the great efforts which have already been made to approach suitable donors, and to raise funds both in Malta and London through events fund-raising efforts, are relentlessly continued. While we have enough funding to get the project off the ground, more will be required in future if we are to complete this ambitious project as we would wish. Please use every friendly contact you have to generate new funding.

Thank you very much for your past interest and support, which we hope will continue in the future.

Martin Laing and Martin Scicluna

Joint Chairmen, Save Valletta Skyline Restoration Appeal



This event was held at the Carob Tree in St Julian’s on 15th June, sponsored by Carob Tree, the Mediterranean Culinary Academy and Park Towers and presented by Jo Caruana was a great success. The four contestants made their delicious brownies under intense pressure in our pop-up pod kitchen, and kindly made extra batches to sell all afternoon in aid of our appeal. Congratulations to the winner, Thomas Camilleri, assisted by Michael Zammit Maempel. €385 was raised during this fun event.


A panel discussion, BLOCKCHAIN for Beginners, was held at Palazzo de La Salle, Valletta on 28th March, led by James Wicker, with Jasper de Trafford, Mark Bugeja and Matthew Sacco lending their expertise to help the audience understand the world of blockchain and what the technology could mean for our future. As individuals and as a country. An entertaining and enlightening presentation and discussion was followed by a Q&A session. We are grateful to our techie team, and to Charles Grech, Fifth Flavour and Jo Caruana’s team at Writemeanything, who sponsored this event, which raised €1200 for the appeal.


On 10th August began with champagne on the Observation deck, followed by a tour of this luxury ship and a delicious three course meal with wine for 44 people, who were looked after so well by a charming crew, and disembarked with amazing goodie bags from Seabourn as mementoes of a wonderful day. Our most sincere thanks go personally to Jim Dunn, who made the day possible, to Lynn Narraway, Seabourn MD of UK and Ireland for hosting the lunch and to the Board of Seabourn for their generosity and support. This event raised an excellent €6,800 for the appeal and we might be lucky enough to receive another invitation next year.


For further information on all these events, please contact Petra Galea Debono on (+356) 27229169 during working weekday hours or e mail:

Thursday 3rd October 2019

Clare Francis is the author of 11 novels, including ‘Night Sky’ which shot to number one in the Sunday Times bestseller list and spent 6 weeks in the New York Times top 10. However, she was first known as a yachtswoman who twice sailed across the Atlantic on her own, and was also the first woman to captain a successful boat in the Whitbread Around The World Race.
Venue: Royal Malta Yacht Club
Admission donation: €25 per person including wine and canapés
There is an optional dinner following the presentation at a price of €37.50 to include a three course meal, wine and water.

Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Perspective from a career in international military medicine.


Prior of the Priory of England of the Venerable Order of St John, Rear Admiral Jarvis will describe through a short introduction from his own experiences a range of diverse but inter-related global issues that should stimulate reaction and debate, as well as opportunity to consider mitigating opportunities and behaviours.
Venue: The Phoenicia, Floriana
Admission donation: €25 per person including wine and canapés

Saturday 9th November 2019
Venue: Gianpula Main Room Doors open at 8 pm
Admission donation: Standard €29, Early Bird (until 30th September) €25, VIP €59, Early Bird (until 30th September) €55

Thursday 21st November 
Baack by popular demand!
Venue: The Carob Tree, St Julian’s
Admission donation: €10 per person

Tuesday 17th March 2020
A question of Method AN EVENING WITH MARTIN ROYALTON-KISCH In the style of a nail biting whodunit, eminent scholar and British Art Historian Martin RoyaltonKisch will talk about the attribution of a newly discovered drawing and describe how decisions on authenticity are reached in the fraught field of Rembrandt scholarship. Images of many drawings and paintings by Rembrandt and his pupils will come into the discussion.
Venue: to be confirmed
Admission donation: €25 per person including wine and canapés

Tuesday 7th April 2020
THE MALTA PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA AND THE GOLDBERG ENSEMBLE with leading soloists. The Magnificent ‘Gloria’ by Vivaldi
Venue: St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral, Valletta
Admission donation: to be confirmed

Tuesday 7th April 2020
Adam Zamoyski is a renowned historian and author of more than 12 books, including “Napoleon, The Man Behind The Myth’, the major best seller ‘1812: Napoleon’s Fatal March on Moscow’ and ‘The Forgotten Few: The Polish Air Force in the Second World War’. Zamoyski writes “Napoleon inspires passionately held and often conflicting visions. Was he a god-like genius, romantic avatar, megalomaniac monster, compulsive warmonger or just a nasty little dictator? While he displayed elements of these traits at certain times, Napoleon was none of these things”. During his short time in Malta, Napoleon certainly changed laws which remain to this day. This is our unique opportunity to find out more from the world’s authority on an intriguing personality.
Venue: to be confirmed
Admission donation: €25 per person including wine and canapés

May 2020
Talks by experts on interior design and making the most of your garden, terrace or balcony. Further details to be confirmed

Friday 18th September 2020
Fun times of the 40s and 50s with The Big Band Brothers, Jitterbug, Jive and the fabulously cheeky Vocal Trio Act Rome. An evening to remember!
Venue: The Malta Aviation Museum, Ta’Qali, with vintage aircraft forming the background.
Admission donation: to be confirmed Members of the Events Action Team (EAT)
Chairman: Anthony Gullaumier Event Co-ordinators: Stephanie Laing and Christopher Wicker Secretary: Petra Galea Debono Jean Attard, Mags and Simon Barnes, Sue Browne, Vanessa Coleiro, Janette Daniel Hehheu, Francesca Del Rio, Jim Dunn, Alex Gregory, Kirsten Grenside, Vicki Heather, Carolinda Maitland, Simon Manduca, Michele O’Reilly, Lucie Paterson, Clara Roberts, Lorie Scicluna, Karen Steed.


Tuesday 17th September 2019
An Island Under Siege (1940-1942) A TALK BY JAMES HOLLAND Celebrated historian, author and broadcaster, James Holland will talk about the extraordinary drama of Malta’s World War 2 victory against impossible odds, told through the eyes of the people who were there.
Venue: RAF Club Piccadilly, London W1J 7PY at 6 pm
Admission: suggested donation of £40 per person
For information and tickets: contact Joanna Oswin +44 1590 674630 or

Monday 2nd December 2019
Sponsored by the NLC Commonwealth Forum Highly entertaining Royal Librarian Oliver Everett CVO will highlight some of the remarkable works of art and their stories from the largest private collection in the world, spread among 13 historic royal residences in the UK.
Venue: National Liberal Club, Whitehall, London SW1A 2HE at 6 pm
Admission: suggested donation of £40 per person,
For information and tickets: contact Caroline Scallon +44 208 741 2970 or

Thursday 28th January 2020
Sponsored by the NLC National Commonwealth Forum Using illustrations of her work, internationally renowned artist, Arabella Dorman, will talk about her journey as a war artist from Iraq and Afghanistan to Syria (2018) and her continued search for hope and light in the darkest corners of existence.
Venue: National Liberal Club, Whitehall, London SW1A 2HE at 6 pm
Admission: suggested donation of £40 per person
Information and tickets available from November Email:

November date and venue to be confirmed
Treat your children or grandchildren to this very special afternoon. Dame Jacqueline Wilson, one of the nation’s favourite children’s authors and creator of the much loved Tracy Beaker and Hetty Feather books, will share with us what inspired her to write these incredible stories.
For further information and tickets, ring Boo Nicholson +44 7899 965339 or e mail

Friday 15th May 2020
A grand black tie dinner in the stunning ballroom of this ultimate luxury 5 star hotel, part of the Corinthia Group, founded by the Pisani family. A sparkling Reception, three course dinner with wine. Guest speaker: Lord Judge. Auction. After Dinner Jazz Band Bar
Venue: Corinthia Hotel, Whitehall Place, London S1A 2BA at 7.45 pm
Further information in November, invitations out in January.

The UK Events Committee: Chairman: Joanna Oswin Arabella Dorman, Sibella Laing, Charlotte Hamilton-Hill, Carolinda Maitland, Diana Jervis-Read, Boo Nicholson, Caroline Scallo


The Visitor Centre which is being created in the Undercroft is an intrinsic part of the cathedral and restoring it has been the first step in the regeneration not only of the cathedral, but also the whole of that part of Valletta. As you look around you when you visit, you can see the progress achieved in two years and the wonderful work which is under way to complete the visitor centre, now well advanced. The Undercroft and lower courtyard are being turned into a modern community and visitor experience to provide tourists and local visitors with further information and interesting historical facts about the cathedral and the surrounding area of Valletta. A privately run trattoria is up and running and well worth a visit. It offers excellent coffee and a Mediterranean selection of dishes to cathedral visitors and the local population.

A grant from the Good Causes Fund has enabled us to set up twelve totems or stand-alone posters recounting the history of the building from the time of the Knights, the building of the Cathedral, culminating with the church today and its integral place in the Valletta landscape. A film theatre screening a looped film depicting that part of Malta’s history which has been shared with St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral. Cathedral artefacts dating back to the time the building was inaugurated are displayed in handsome illuminated cabinets. Eventually, the Cathedral bells will be displayed in the Centre along with their manufacturing history which the bells share with that of Big Ben and the Liberty Bell. Plans exist to add to the Centre’s displays. It is too early to announce what these will be, but they will be designed to draw in increased number of visitors.

A location and Events mobile App has been created to attract tourists and visitors to the cathedral. It is available for downloading now at zero cost. The mobile App will allow tourists to locate the cathedral through Google maps encouraging them to move off the popular beaten track of central Valletta .It will act as a trail that stresses the importance of Maltese history and the unique culture of an Anglican Cathedral situated on Malta’s most distinctive skyline. It will ensure better cultural knowledge and accessibility to the cathedral and near-by cultural heritage buildings.

We are now going to give you an opportunity to view the App and to see for yourselves something of what we have been talking about in this Newsletter. You can download it by typing st paul pro into Google Play or the App Store. The App itself will be updated frequently and in time features for which the visitor will have to donate will be incorporated. Also noteworthy will be the Booking System which will allow the App to take payment and issue tickets for Restoration and Cathedral Events.