The St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral Save Valletta’s Skyline Restoration Appeal is delighted to have received a grant from EU funding of 4.2 million Euros for Phase 1 of the Restoration Project, which when combined with its own Co-financing contribution will amount in total to a budget of 5:25 million Euros being made available to restore the Cathedral. Given the range of other demands and deserving bids for EU funding from other cultural heritage NGOs, this is a most helpful and positive response.

Indeed, as a result, the Restoration Appeal has been able to proceed with the most important element of the project, which is to ensure the safety and structural stability of the iconic 60 metre (200 foot) tower and spire of the Cathedral. It is hoped to start work on site within the next three months.

Moreover, the restoration and refurbishment of other elements of the fabric of this grade 1 building will also be carried out with the balance of EU funding available under Phase 1 and the contribution of the Restoration Appeal’s own resources as these become available. Studies are under way at present by leading architectural restorers, Architecture Project, to ensure the most cost-effective use of the remaining financial resources under this Phase of EU funding.

St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral is a universally recognised Grade 1 building of local stone in the World Heritage city of Valletta. It is of great consequence to the cultural heritage of Malta and forms a pre-eminent part of Valletta’s architectural landscape. When the restoration is completed, the Cathedral will stand at the epicentre of a regenerated part of the capital city and form a vibrant community centre and tourist attraction.